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CSFO of Chilton County Schools

Hiring Entity:  Chilton County Board of Education

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Search Posted:  10-Aug-2019

Application Deadline:  22-Aug-2019

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Chilton County Schools seeks Chief School Financial Officer (CSFO)

The Board of Education for the Chilton County School System (Alabama) is hiring for the position of Chief School Financial Officer (CSFO). Qualified applicants must:

1. Meet one or more of the following professional requirements:
     a. Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year college or university with a concentration in a business-related curriculum (accounting, finance, business administration, etc.) including at least 9 semester hours in accounting.
     b. Hold a MBA or other graduate degree in a business-related field from a regionally accredited institution.
     c. Is a Certified Public Accountant
     d. Hold a baccalaureate degree in a concentration other than a business-related curriculum but has at least 24 semester hours of business-related courses, with at least 18 hours in the following courses (or course equivalent).
          i. Principles of Accounting I (3 semester hours).
          i. ii. Principles of Accounting II (3 semester hours).
          ii. Intermediate Accounting (3 semester hours).
          iii. Cost Accounting (3 semester hours).
          iv. Governmental Accounting (3 semester hours).
          v. Financial Management (3 semester hours).
          vi. General Management (3 semester hours).
          vii. Business (or Organizational) Communications (3 semester hours).

2. At least three years’ experience in the business or the school environment.

3. Must be bondable.

4. A background in school finance preferred.

5. Receive a Certification of Chief School Finance Officer designation from the Alabama State Department of Education within three years of employment or be subject to termination.

6. Maintain a Certification of Chief School Finance Officer designation by continuing education requirements.

7. Must meet the suitability criteria for employment and/or certification/licensure under the Alabama Child Protection Act of 1999 and Act No. 2002-457.

8. Valid Alabama Drivers’ License.

9. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and desirable.


Application Deadline is August 22, 2019. Please see the attached brochure and application packet for further information.


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